at stud - in der Zucht
Willow-Zohran 20-10-2012
I am "Zilylad Venus", "Kalua" for short - and I am the boss, don´t give rise to doubt!

Hallo, ich bin "ZilyladVenus", genannt "Kalua", der Kürze wegen - und ich bin hier der Chef, damit da keine Irrtümer auftreten!

Queen Mom is still watching you all!
Kuhaylan´s Border Collies specializes in conformation lines, with an eye to a dog that can do anything. 
We carefully chosen our foundation dogs, boasting a culmination of the world´s best lines 
- mostly from Australia, but also a little New Zealand and UK.
We are striving for a combination of all the best in the BorderCollie: pleasant temperament, 
no extreme nervousness or aggressiveness - dogs that love people. 
We require sound conformation, which not only enable a dog to do well in the show ring,
but more impotently allows the dog to perform the tasks for which it was developed, 
and the tasks toward which has more recently turned the BorderCollie´s prodigious talents. 
We maintain a high standard for intelligence and herding instinct. 
Kuhaylan´s is concerned with the health of our dogs. 
We hip and eye certify our breeding stock and do all available DNA health-testings.
We produce the classic black/white puppies, 
but also expect some stunning red-white, blue-whites and ee-red. 
Hope you will enjoy your visit!
Come and visit us! The coffee-pot is always on!
Welcome to 
Kuhaylan´s Border Collies (VDH/FCI)
Our girl "Kalua" and her pups "Reena" & "Pearl" 
- all of our dogs are loved family-members, 
they live with us in our house and garden 
- so: if you want to built a kennel for your dog - 
go away!
Kuhaylan´s BorderCollies 
are living in Germany, Vogelsberg/Hessen, near Fulda
If you want to know more about us, contact us!
Feel free to ask any question you may have!
Tel: 0049-6645-6649008
send us e-mail!!!
Visit us!
The coffee-pot is always on!
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Kalua    16.02.1995  - 01.04.2007

Zilylad Venus  16.02.1995 - 01.04.2007
Kuhaylans Australia Red Hope
Kuhaylans Australia Smokyblue Diamond
Kuhaylans Australia Diamonds Destiny
Korella Fire Illusion
Verwandschaft unserer Hunde
Die Seite der Chefs...
Welpen-Kindergarten!! - so wachsen unsere Welpen auf!
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Noteworthy Fly Me ToThe Moon
Unser landwirtschaftlicher Vollerwebsbetrieb im Vogelsberg/Hessen
Mein amerikanisches Abenteuer...
Kuhaylans Oz Arielle The Mermaid-I
Würfe A bis X : 1998 - 2008
Pawtails Peaches N Cream
Wildblue Infinity
adults only!
Was wurde aus den Welpen??
adults only!
Was wurde aus den Welpen??
Gibt es neue Updates??
Was ist neu??
Kuhaylans Oz-The Candyman-M
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Kalua is at the rainbowbridge now.....
Kuhaylans BorderCollies
36369 Lautertal / Hessen / D
(+49) 06645-8217
mobil: 0157 7753 4863
Kuhaylans BorderCollies   ---   Familie Lang          36369 Lautertal   ---   Deutschland                  Tel: 06645-918761                                            email: kuhaylans@t-online.de
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Besucher jederzeit herzlich willkommen!
Kuhaylans Oz Peach On the Beach-R
Kuhaylans Oz-Caipirinha-RR
Kalua is at the rainbowbridge now.....
Kuhaylans Oz Dolly O Dare-U
16.02.1995  -  01.04.2007
MissPhoebe & Micky 16-04-2009
Cara & Solo 01-09-2009
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Selbstverständlich sind nicht alle auf dieser Seite aufgeführten Hunde aktuell in der Zucht, "Rentner" (züchterisch....) sind ebenso auf unserer Seite wie unsere Junghunde, und auch Hunde die aktuell nicht bei uns wohnen.
Wir haben neben den Hundenamen auf dieser Seite farbige Markierungen gesetzt um dies besser darzustellen.

Of course not all dogs show on this website are actual breedingdogs/studdogs. Also our retiered from breeding friends and our hopes for the future are shown on this website, they are all members of our PawFamily. We have put colored dots beside the names to show this better.
retiered - nicht mehr in der Zucht
at stud - in der Zucht
youngster - Junghund
Youngster - Junghund
Youngster - Junghund
retiered - nicht mehr in der Zucht
            retiered - Nicht mehr in der Zucht                 in breed - in der Zucht                            youngsters - Junghunde
at stud - in der Zucht
Hope for the future - in Aufzucht/Ausbildung - in der Zucht
Kalua is at the rainbowbridge now.....
Paige & Teddy 28-01-2010
Prue & Justyn 06-05-2010
Wildblue Light A Fire
Prue & Shine - 29-01-2011
at stud - in der Zucht
Phoebe & Shine - 24-03-2011
on walkabout:
coming soooon!
Wildblue Four Leaf Clover
Phoebe & Shine - 24-03-2011
sadly missed:
Phoebe & Shine - 24-03-2011
Toffee & Justyn 12-02-12
Wildblue Playing with Fire
youngster - Junghund
Willow-Zohran 20-10-2012
Wildblue Chocoholic
youngster - Junghund
Toffee & Eyin 21-03-2013
Kalua is at the rainbowbridge now.....
Youngster - Junghund
Wildblue Rhythm of Fire
Prue & I-Inn of Sunloch Valley  29-06-2014  2/3
Toffee & Micky  14-06-2014  4/2
Willow-Wildblue Riverdance  31-12-2014 6/0
Kalua is at the rainbowbridge now.....
Wildblue Sanas
at stud - in der Zucht
retiered - nicht mehr in der Zucht
Youngster - Junghund
Kuhaylans N - Firecracker
Kuhaylans M-Mr.Candyman 2.0
Wildblue Chocoholic
Willow-Darwin 0/1
at stud - in der Zucht
youngster - Junghund
Youngster - Junghund
Kuhaylans S- Somebody to love
Kuhaylans Q- Let´s go to Vegas
Kalua is at the rainbowbridge now.....
youngster - Junghund
youngster - Junghund